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The Trust Method is the way we work with horses. We work with all sorts of problems from totally wild, to non catchers, non loaders, kickers, any problem that can and normally is invariably, human induced.
The Trust method we use, is working with the horse using their own body language to see us as a comfort area and to gain their trust so that they will of their own free will, try hard to please us. We do not under any circumstance believe in using force with the Trust Method or it would invalidate all we are trying to achieve. 
It is entirely for the horse to gain their trust that we may gentle them, halter them, lead them, back them and generally lose their fear of what we ask of them. We use their method of communication to get them to do these things i.e. loading, riding, wanting to be with us, of their own free will. They come to understand that we as humans are their safe haven and will do their utmost to please us as their owners.
We have used this Trust Method with unhandled horses, to horses that need backing and horses that have developed a fear through force or abuse or sheer ignorance on the part of humans.
We work with your horse on our farm and then when we have established the trust of your horse, we then also work with you, the owner. The Trust Method is not a quick fix method, but is the basis of trust needed for you, the owner to then be able to work with your horse as a team.
You, the owner would be liable for transport costs to and from the farm and the livery costs while your horse is with us. The charges for us working with you horse would depend on the issue that they have and the hours put in. We try to keep our rates very low as I feel that the benefits that you and your horse will acquire are difficult to put a monetary value to.
We put a lot of work into the owner as well to teach you, the owner, as much as possible to maintain your relationship with your horse using the Trust Method.
Please feel free to give me a call to discuss you and your horses needs and we will then also discuss costs that you are likely to face.
We are always here for you to call on and to give you advice with what ever you need help with.
The attached movies are of a horse that had had a very bad horsebox accident and you see the one video is of Colleen doing the Trust Method with him and the second clip is of him loading within one hour of him following Colleen through the method. This horse is well on his way to now loading confidently, and with just a rope around his neck, showing no force is needed to achieve what used to be a huge issue for his owner and meant he had to be drugged and twitched to get him into a float.

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