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  • We look after your horses as though they are our own.
  • We ensure that horses are happy and in a stress free environment.
  • We do all the feeding ourselves.
  • We feed 3 meals a day, last feed being at 8:30 pm (Late Nights) so that we are aware of any horses that may not be eating up and coming down with something.
  • The horses are blanketed at night and during the day when it is cold.
  • Our yard is completely owner run and we are always on hand should your horse need us.
  • Outrides are absolutely stunning.
  • We do a lot of work with problem horses and back youngsters using the Trust Method.
  • This we do on a month to month basis for horses from our yard.
  • For a monthly fee, we accommodate horses from other yards so that we can monitor progression and work with the owner once the youngster is backed and ready to be brought on..
  • We have self catering cottages that livery member can use at a reduced rate.
  • There is a Golf Course and Trout Farm 18 kms from the farm for husbands to go to.
  • Please feel free to come and visit us.

We are in an area that AHS does not pose a problem. We foal down mares and can accommodate weaning foals and backing and selling of youngsters, including preparing horses for the track and sales.

Farrier and veterinary costs to the owners.

Below are some images of our horses.

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