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Outlaw Farm is the home of South Africas's first REGISTERED Gypsy Horses, Promise and Lilly.

For any information regarding these horses, please contact Bev either via e-mail / telephone: 058 223 0442 (Landline intermittend) / cell: 078 903 4420 / alternative: 081 474 8383 or 081 529 2666.


The Gypsies have always been known for their relationship with horses. In fact, their very existence depended on these animals who were a part of their family.

However, the heavily feathered horse we have now come to recognize as the Gypsy Cob, did not come into existence until the past century, when the Gypsies started actively breeding in the feather, bone and substance.

The Gypsy Cob is stocky, strong, well built and in proportion. Unique characteristics include:

  • Heavy feather
  • Short back
  • Muscular neck
  • Well set head
  • Kind eye
  • Substantial bone
  • Large, sound feet

Due to the pressures of modern life, the Gypsy Cob is once again coming into his own, this time however, under a different guise. Though still a loyal servant, they are no longer solely used by the Gypsies. Families from all walks of life are enjoying the willing disposition and flashy good looks of the Gypsy Cob. These hardy little horses are seen in trekking centers and riding schools all over Ireland and Britain as well as in the show ring, hunt field and backyard.

Gypsy Cobs normally range from between 12hh to 15hh with the most common size being 14hh to 14.2hh.

Biscuit (Born in the RSA) is a Blagdon which is the same terminology for a Sabino.

Below are some photos of our stunning Gypsy Horses.


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