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Drum Horse Traditionally, it was a job description for the horse rather than a breed in itself. The Drum Horses were heavy horses that carried the solid silver kettle drumís, along with a rider, in the Queen of Englandís marching band. This could be a weight in excess of 150kg, hence it required a suitably strong horse to carry the load. As the horse would carry the rider and drums through a noisy procession, a horse with a quiet disposition was essential.

Today, the Drum Horse combines the best of the Gypsy Cob, Clydesdale and Shire breeds, in any combination, such that it must be a minimum of 25% and no more than 75% Gypsy Cob. The product is a stunning large horse (over 16hh), with huge amounts of feather, heavy bone and an incredibly quiet temperament. Although the Drum Horse was traditionally piebald or skewbald in colour, it is not uncommon to see them solid in colour.

The drum horse is a medium to heavy riding horse, slightly lighter than the fullblood Clydesdale or Shire and with the profuse feathering of the gypsy cob, displaying excellent movement, agility and athleticism, making it suitable for a variety of ridden and driven disciplines.

Drum Horse
Drum Horse Galway Warrior (left) was once owned by the Queen of England, who was used not only as a drum carrier in the band, but in the Royal Stables as a drum horse sire. Galway Warrior stood at 17.1 hh.


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