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Adult Pony Camps:

We have had numerous requests for pony camps from adults so we are now going to do just that, offer pony camps to adults.

Each pony camp will run for a week at a time from a Sunday to a Sunday. Preferably, bring your own horse along with itís food and hay. If you do not have your own horse, you may use one of ours for the week. We will show you the Trust Method as well as take you on the most amazing outrides. Stay in one of our cottages and be right near you equine treasure for an entire week. Groom your horse and get to know him/her on a personal level unlike you could while he is in someone elseís care. We will show you how you can relate to your horse as you never have before.

The week will be charged at R1 200 per child and R1 500 per adult for the pony camp and sleeping facilities. Bring your own horse, but live out only available at present. Bring your horses own food - the cost of your horse being here will be a further R300. Please ensure your horses deworming, inoculations and dipping are all up to date as I will require proof of this. The facilities are self catering and we will have a braai or two while you are here. Groups of 5 or more will get a discount.

Children's Pony Camps: (Mom's welcome)
  • We take up to 10 Children for Pony Camps during all school holidays.
  • From total novice, to experienced riders, for a week at a time.
  • Pony Camps run from a Sunday afternoon, until a Sunday morning the following week to accommodate working parents.
  • The Children have two rides a day, one at nine am and another at 2 pm, which is generally an outride.
  • Meals and board are all inclusive and the children have great fun playing in a secure environment and under 24 hour adult supervision.
  • Children can swim in our dams, go on hikes and can bring along mountain bikes if they wish.
  • The age groups ranges from 6 to 18 years.
  • The week will be charged at R1 200 per child for the pony camp, meals and board.
  • Mom's are welcome to come with their kids.
Horsemanship Orientation Courses:

We take in school leavers to give them a good grounding in horsemanship. This is not a course that will get you a SANEF certificate, but it will prepare you for doing the course and will cover general handling, riding lessons, medical and stable management. Aside from knowing more about horses and dealing with some difficult horses that we have come to us, you will learn the trust method; how to determine a horseís wellbeing and what signs to look for should a horse be "off colour"; how a hoof should be balanced; the general running of a stable yard; and as we are also a small stud, you will learn stallion management as well as how to take care of mares and foals.

This course will show you what running a riding school, livery yard or stud is all about and that it is indeed hard work, rewarding but not a well paying job at all. You have to be passionate about horses to want to work full time with them and this course is designed to do just that. We will only take up to a maximum of 6 persons at a time. You will leave with an engraved belt buckle that has the year and intake.

The course will run for 3 months at a time and will cost in total R7 500 for the 3 months, this will cover your living expenses. You will have to be insured by your parents while you are on the course. The farm is out of the way so there is not much play time and you may only go home once a month for a weekend. While in our care you will not be permitted to leave the farm unless we are going to see something somewhere that will benefit your knowledge in respect of horsemanship

This is a birthday party we had for a kiddie and her friends.
Birthday Party
One of our pony campers, Sabrina, sharing a joke with Arctic
Arctic & Sabrina
Karen and Eye Catcher having a chinwag
Eye Catcher & Karen
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